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Accounting & Tax Done Right

Why Us?

Our client solution is driven by a unique, strategic-focusing process.
A proven, systematic, and structured method for clients to think, plan, monitor and achieve greater results in their businesses and lives.



We are committed to maintaining absolute integrity and the highest level of quality in providing services to our clients. We undertake mandatory professional development to keep up with the latest legislation, updates, techniques, and technology to make sure that your business always stays ahead of the game.



With over 15 years of experience in public practice/Accounting & Tax industry, specialising in all ATO dealings (ATO audit, review, inquiry, objection & negotiation), international tax, small business, capital gain tax & property transactions related (property investor, developer & builder), S.E.A Accountants can advise you on the tax and accounting challenges that you and your business may face.



Navigating the tax minefield can be a daunting task for businesses. Whether you’re an individual or a public, private or multinational company, we understand the seemingly unrelenting tax pressures you face and how best to deal with them. We’ll help you identify and manage tax risks before they become a problem, maximize opportunities and minimize tax exposure for businesses, take realistic tax positions and ensure compliance with all ATO requirements so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

What We Do

Certified Accountant

We are pleased to offer a wide range of business accounting services for clients who are starting any size business.

Cash Flow Management

We ensure that your ongoing business cash flow is solid & strong by putting in place appropriate projections & strategies.

Tax Planning

Ensuring tax planning strategies in place to minimize the amount of tax payable allowed by applicable tax law.


We ensure that your book is in good hands, so you’re able to concentrate on managing your business.

Business Performance

We monitor growth, profit, and risk ensuring the appropriate management accounting. With our business accounting procedures in place, we’re able to monitor your accounts, growth, and success.

Small Business Analysis

We love small businesses, no matter what stage your business is in, we will help you to navigate & position your business in the industry by using benchmarks.


Jason is an experienced public accountant who takes great pride in offering clients the highest level of service in order to assist them in achieving their business and financial goals.

As a current member registered with Tax Practitioners Board & Institute of Public Accountants, you are assured that S.E.A Accountants participate in the mandatory professional development, carry professional liability insurance, and conduct business under a strict code of ethics.

Jason views every client relationship like a partnership, and truly believe that his success is a result of your success. He is committed to providing close, personal attention to all clients.


Contact Us

Level 17, 31 Queen Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

03 9689 8895 or 0431 812 561


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